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E-BOOK [Inglês]: True Devotion (Livro #1 da série Uncommon Heroes) - Dee Henderson



Título: True Devotion (Livro #1 da série Uncommon Heroes)
Autora: Dee Henderson
Páginas: 336

In True Devotion, which kicks off bestselling author Dee Henderson's Uncommon Heroes series, lifeguard Kelly Jacobs mechanically goes through the motions of living while seeking to alleviate her grief over the death of her beloved spouse. When Kelly saves the life of young teen Ryan Raines in a daring rescue at sea, his father Charles showers her with attention--and draws Kelly into a sinister plot that may endanger her best friend and new romantic interest, Navy SEAL lieutenant Joe "Bear" Baker.


Henderson's strong women characters have an appealing combination of toughness and vulnerability, and she's not afraid of exploring their spiritual side as well as spotlighting their heroics. The sprinkling of military terminology throughout the book might initially seem daunting, but a glossary at the beginning of the novel will help readers who are unfamiliar with the lingo. Henderson excels in concocting just the right blend of romance and edge-of-your-seat action to keep the pages turning.


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